Tools of Engagement for LD (Loosened Dreaming) and REM (Rapid [inner] Ear Movement.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Collateral Timbre 3 CaveCore

"ElectricTool-Made Acid Test: CaveCore Result. Passed-2009" "SpringFed" Upsidedowned Hotel Lobby Ashtray (in previous "unbowed" recordings: "fenix")

Collateral Timbre 2 Gobeon

Indicarribean hybrid (Gopi-Pandrum) Prepared: Musicboxed, Magneticballed--played live, real-time

Collateral Timbre 1 EggDawn AutoHarp

"ElectricTool-Made Acid Test: Autoharp Result. Passed--2009" Multil-Effects-Processed Prepared Autoharp / Extended Technique Real-time Performance.